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Toy Story - Zoetrope

'09 Halloween overlay for Space Mountain
Yes the rumors are true, Team Disney Anaheim approved the money this week for a '09 Halloween overlay for Space Mountain, using much of the equipment installed in '06 for Rockin' Space Mountain. Based on the Ghost Galaxy version of the ride in Hong Kong, this version will now debut at Disneyland on September 25th, after a two week closure. More info to come.

Thanks to MiceAge

Splash Mountain Ride Through

Ride Thru of Disneylands Splash Mountain

Recorded 06/28/2009
Author Eagle4life69

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Latest Ride Through

Latest Ride Through Recorded
05/01/2009 at Disneyland Resort

By: Eagle4life69

Matterhorn Bobsleds Ride Through

Ride Thru of Matterhorn Bobsleds

Recorded 05/01/2009
Author Eagle4life69